T2015-01-25 18.19.12his is the web site of James Mack. My wonderful wife Lindsey and I (photo at right) live in Boulder, Colorado. You might know me because I grew up in Lyons, because you went to school with me at the University of Colorado, because you met me at the model airport, or because you worked with me at RECUV or LASP. Or maybe you don’t yet know me at all, in which case I’ll just say “Hi.”

I grew up just outside of Lyons, Colorado. A small town, it’s changed a bit since my childhood, but it still remains unpretentious. Lyons has two schools, the elementary school and the middle/senior high, which were the only schools I attended until enrolling in college. Some of the kids will say that there’s nothing to do in Lyons. Quite to the contrary, I’ve always found plenty to do with my various hobbies.

I am a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in mechanical engineering. I have no doubt that engineering is my passion. I worked from 2002 through 2012 at LASP, pursuing a rewarding career designing and building widgets that get shot into outer space to support science research. In 2012, I moved into the field of unmanned aircraft, working with RECUV to design, build, and fly autonomous aerial vehicles.

On April 17th, 1997, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, I have taken more poisons than I ever wanted, but have finished treatment with no long term side-effects. Treatment ended early August of 2000, and it is in full remission, with no indication of a relapse (ie. I’m cured). People often think that getting cancer would be a bad thing. In fact, surviving cancer has been one of the greatest things in my life. You realize how many things you can lose and still be OK. You recognize the things that are really important and that make you happy. You can live more freely and fearlessly, but still cherish all the things you’ve been given.